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Powers Engineering and Inspection, Inc has been providing engineering and inspection services for a variety of industries such as oil, gas, military, aviation, and fertilizer for over 17 years. We have extensive experience in design, construction, inspection and management of above ground and underground storage tanks, piping, and pressure vessels.


Our Services

tank inspections

We provide tank inspections and engineering services across multiple industries and codes including API 653, API 570, API 510, STI-SP001, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-460-01 and 3-460-03, and much more.

PEI’s specialists and engineers are highly trained in the latest standards and engineering practices. We are equipped with cutting edge technology that provides the best possible solution for you.

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3D Modeling

3d tank bottom heat map

Powers Engineering and Inspection, Inc. has the technology to create 3D models of your facilities to perform dimensional analysis, volume calculations, repair planning, settlement survey, floating roof analysis, and much more.

Reducing the risk of human errors and ensuring the reliability of the measurements, 3D scanning can be performed as an alternative to traditional manual inspection methods.

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Disaster Preparedness

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PEI has extensive experience in preparing assets for natural disaster readiness and post-disaster assessment and inspections.

Are your assets prepared for the unpredictable?

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Are your formal inspections up to date?

Have you noticed an anomaly in your assets? There may be an underlying problem that needs further investigation!

PEI provides customers with the confidence to minimize unscheduled downtime and maximize inspection dollars. Our experienced professionals can find the appropriate industry standard to match the needs of your assets. We can partner with you to develop a facility inspection schedule that ensures the best maintenance plan for your needs.

With the backing of an Expert Professional Engineer and Certified Experienced Inspectors, PEI’s Services are the most Efficient and Cost Effective.


Our Most Popular Inspections

API 653 External

API 653 External

API 653 Internal

API 653 Internal

STI SP-001 Internal/External

STI SP-001 Internal/External

API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection

API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection

API 570 Piping Inspection

API 570 Piping Inspection

PEI utilizes drone technology for vital visual inspection of normally inaccessible locations.


Are you SPCC EPA compliant?

Do you know the requirements? Avoid an EPA violation by getting ahead now to check if your facility’s plan is certified. Our Professional Engineers can review and develop your SPCC Plan. Our Certified Inspectors can provide formal certified integrity inspections for your facility’s containers.